The goal of Kentucky Fried Zine Fest is to recognize and educate the public about zines, comics, and independent publishing. 

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List of Exhibitors for KFZ 2018

September 15, 2018

Ashley Walker
Ashley Walker is a zine maker from Memphis, TN. She combines drawing, photography, and collage to make zines filled with art and stories about her home, nostalgia, small towns, and mountains.


Asteroid Belt Studio
Part ethereal, part dorky, Asteroid Belt Press acknowledges our shared orbit.


Back Alley Press
Back Alley Press is the student run print club at UKY. We love printmaking and most of us like pizza.


Bill Widener
Known to his radio fans as "Uncle Bill", Bill Widener is a writer, cartoonist and critic. He has self-published magazines in Lexington since the 1980s,  beginning with Central Kentucky's original punk zine, LEXINGTON LOST and continuing with NERVE Publications in the '90s. Widener's latest zine is COMICS FUNNIES, which he will have on sale at KFZ 2018!


Blue Ridge Mountain Bois
"Life was dull in my hometown
Lights were out when the sun went down
And I thought that city life was more my style
But nights get lonely away from home
And it's easy to go wrong
The men ain't kind like my Blue Ridge Mountain bois"
- Dolly Parton


Bronson O'Quinn
Bronson's writing spews forth from a childhood raised on sitcoms, teen years wiled away on computer games, and an adulthood reading pop science. He loves his wife, six cats, and forthcoming baby.


C. Haggard
Charlie Haggard is an illustrator based in Huntington, WV and curator of Bearqueft Comix, an independently published serial zine spotlighting original comics, illustrations, and paintings from contributing artists all around the world.  He loves meeting new artists and collaborating on creative projects.


Calvert Comics
Calvert Comics publishes experimental graphic fiction exploring personal identity, sexuality, and the ways in which context alters our moral judgement of violent acts.


Concrete Alignment 
Concrete Alignment is a combination of Concrete Heartbeat and RE:Alignment; both are queer, anticapitalist, antineoliberal showcases of local artists and their works. 


Evey In Orbit
Veronica Leto is a queer visual artist, zinester, and activist living in Nashville, TN. Her passions include fat acceptance, mail art, poodles, social justice, and radical self care. She is the editor of Ripe With Rage, a quarterly feminist zine and the writer/creator of dozens of art and personal zines. 


Institute 193
Institute 193 collaborates with artists, musicians, and writers to produce exhibitions, publications, and projects that document the cultural landscape of the modern South.


Jenny Butor
Jenny is a traditional artist, preferring paint, ink, and marker over other mediums. She loves art, reading, cats, music, and anything that sparkles. She's a transplanted artist from Texas, and now calls Lexington home. 


Katherine Smith
Katherine is passionate about shedding light on important organizing work in Lexington. Collective justice works to highlight this work through interviews of nonprofits, event calendars, artist spotlights with a social justice focus and helpful organizing info. Highlighting this shows how we can all collectively create a just community together. 


Kenn Minter
Kenn Minter wears many creative hats. He is a writer, illustrator, and designer who publishes his projects under the imprint, Near Mint Press. His work has appeared in numerous publications through the United States. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife, 3 cats, and 3 dogs.


Lexington Food Not Bombs
Lexington Food Not Bombs prepares free vegan community meals served every Thursday at 5 in Phoenix Park. Everyone is welcome to eat and we can always use more volunteers! In addition to sharing food, we also raise awareness of the systemic issues that allow problems like food insecurity to persist.  


Maddy Hamilton
Madeleine is a student from the California cliffs, but happily making her way through the bluegrass. 


Malinda O'Quinn
Obsessed with recycled materials, Malinda creates fabric crafts and paper art that combines her love of nature with functionality. She's a queer feminist obsessed with critters, her cats, and the baby she's currently adopting from China. Also, she's fond of her husband, too.


Michael McLean
Michael is a stay-at-home dad that works part time in retail. His number one passion is his wife and kids. His second passion is comics, reading and drawing them.


Misty Skaggs
Misty Skaggs is an author, activist and third generation Kentucky folk/outsider artist. Her interest in self-publishing, 'zines and ephemera started off as an angsty teen growing up in the backwoods and her work still reflects hillbilly creativity plus a healthy dose of angst. She is the Appalachian features editor at the online working class literary and arts journal, Rabble Lit. Skaggs' first poetry chapbook, Biscuits and Blisters, will be coming out from Workhorse in Lexington this fall. 


Olly Millar
Olly Millar is a transmasculine nonbinary college student and activist. Their zine projects tackle topics of trans identity, queer trauma, death and mourning politics, and their own life. 


Oral Zine
Oral Zine is a Detroit-based publication made up of Anna Konson and Aaron Barton. Aaron is a photographer, focusing on street and fine art photography.  Anna is a designer and illustrator, focusing on linocut prints and graphic design.  Oral creates zines and publications as a collective, and separately. The creators bring their voices together to tackle subjects through multifaceted art, style and emotion.


Osedax Press
Osedax Press was founded in 2014 and is based in Lexington, Ky. We delight in the poetic, strange, and uncountable, and specialize in small limited-run publications such as zines and chapbooks. Our name is taken from a species of deep sea worm which feasts only on the bones of dead whales; "osedax" means bone-eating.


Paracosm Press
My zine contains reflections and self-analysis through the lenses of shame, memory, and imaginary worlds.


Puckett Electric

Puckett Electric is a multimedia D.I.Y project centered around the self-produced music album, "Cowboy Death Songs". Video and print elements will be on display, centering around themes of individualism and abandonment. 


R25th is an alt-game developer and lover of very cute things due to the fact that both help in forgetting the hell world that we currently occupy.


Back for their third KFZ, illustrator, author, and designer Renmeleon is again joined by her daughter, RockPaperFox, and husband, Val Michael Selvaggio to bring you zines for coloring, poetry, and mini workbooks in a number skill themes. Renmeleon teaches zines locally and online, and runs our collaborative zine, ITEM.


Robert Kelsey
Robert likes monsters more than bugs, and bugs more than people. He does, however, still like people a quite a bit. 

Robin LaMer Rahija
Robin and Greg started Rabbit Catastrophe Press in 2008. They are originally from Kansas City. 


Shanisia Person
Shanisia is an Atlanta based gender queer Latinx erotic illustrator and painter. Specializing in the D.I.Y.


Shortt Editions
Books, multiples and prints made by Paul Shortt. Shortt Editions creates books, prints and editions that play with, mock and appropriate cultural norms, authority and rules. The press works with a mixture of digital printing, Risograph printing and laser cutters to create unique works that manipulate the political that can be found in the everyday.


Suzie Kelly
Suzie Kelly is a yankee transplant residing in Johnson City, TN. She is an Artist, a Pixel Pusher, and the creator of Girls & Thieves. Issues of her per-art-zines are packed with original artwork, comics, stories and photographs. She is the also the founder of Johnson City Zine Fest. 


Tabitha Dial - North Star Muse
Tabitha cosplays as Professor Trelawney during tea leaf reading events. She conjures pop culture and tarot with her poetry and is new to the zine world. She is the author of Creative Divination: Read Tea Leaves and Develop your Personal Code. 


The Nice Company
Meredith is a grassroots community organizer with a very cute pitbull and a deep love for long runs. She likes projects that involve moving and grooving, togetherness, accessibility, audio editing, cutting and pasting, storytelling and feeling feelings. Her favorite Parks character is Donna Meagle.


Thomas H Boeing & Kimchi Babe
Thomas H Boeing makes alt comics. He has an irrational hatred for Michael McDonald and lives in Bellevue, KY. He's also the cofounder of Zinecinnati. Kimchi Babe (Ren Boeing) is a zinester and expert playlist maker. She's also a cofounder of Zinecinnati.


very very small press
very very small press produces handmade blank books for journaling, note taking and sketching, as well as prints art and poetry zines from a handful of womxn, poc, and lgbtqia collaborators. We use low to no cost materials and methods to keep our prices affordable!




William Pauley III
William Pauley III is the author of the weird fiction novels Hearers of the Constant Hum and Automated Daydreaming. He lives in Lexington, KY.

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