The goal of Kentucky Fried Zine Fest is to recognize and educate the public about zines, comics, and independent publishing. 

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Exhibitor List for KFZ 2017

August 8, 2017

Andrew Cohen (Washington D.C.)

Andrew Cohen makes his own comic books and helps edit Magic Bullet, a newspaper of comic art.


Andy Brennan (Wilmore, KY) 

Andy draws, writes and composes music. His webcomic project Caggage has been going for ten years, containing cute existential angst and haunting abstract visions. 


Angelina Martin (Austin, TX)

Angelina Martin is a pretend witch based in Austin, Texas. She makes gay art, performs comedy, and cries a lot watching movie trailers. She's @angelinalabruja on all the internets and her passwords for everything is lolnudez


Bill Widener’s Comics Funnies (Lexington, KY) 

Bill Widener has been cartooning since the 1970s. He was an editor for the first punk zine in Lexington, Lexington LOST. He contributed to the Kentucky Kernel, ACE Weekly and Nougat, as well as other local publications. 


Bloom and Doom Zine (Cincinnati, OH)

Sarah loves to make anything and everything. She enjoys working with odds bits and ends, mashing them all together to see what happens. She is relatively new at making zines and it currently working on her 4th issue but loves the process so much she just cant stop.


Bluegrass Printmakers Cooperative (Lexington, KY)

We are a hand made fine arts printmaking cooperative that focuses on community building and engagement through demonstrations and accessibility to fine arts prints and printed material.


Brian Arnold (Birmingham, AL)

Brian Arnold is a zine maker from Birmingham, AL. He previously ran Phone Home Press but now publishes zines under his own name. He's made a million photo zines and been featured in numerous group zines. Scanners and copy machines are his best friends.


Calvert Comics (Delaware, OH)

Mathew Calvert is a writer/artist quickly establishing a reputation as an unmarketable weirdo. He self publishes a series of scratchboard/screenplay quasi-comics about prejudice, ethics, conflict, and sexual identity. 


Charlie Haggard (Huntington, WV)

Charlie Haggard is an independent artist and illustrator based in Huntington, WV who focuses on creating his own universe of original characters, comics, and drawings. Self-taught and inspired by a blend of nostalgia, pop culture, and a surreal imagination, his goal is to capture a unique drawing style invoking curiosity and wonder to distract from the fact that he has no idea what he’s doing.


Cheering and Waving Press (Lancaster, OH)

Stephanie created cheering and waving press (CWP) to publish zines about important social, political, and spiritual issues and give them away for free in hopes of sparking conversations and action. She also likes making collages.


crapademic (Buffalo, NY)

13 years ago, Julia Eff crawled out of a St. Clair County wastewater runoff ditch and started making zines. Now they have some books about gender junk out via Pioneers Press & love metalcore, coffee, tattoos, and Marilyn Manson.


Dark Circle Comics (Springfield, MO)

Dark Circle; steal souls, deal death, make magick, create comics.


David Solomon (Bedford, IN)

Over the last seven years, David Solomon has lived in twelve states doing seasonal conservation work for National parks, forests, and wildlife refuges. His zine, Travel On, chronicles the experience of a nomadic lifestyle often spent working in the woods. 


Don't Copy That Floppy (Lexington, KY)

Jonathan McFadden and David Wischer are faculty in the School of Art & Visual Studies. Their work has been individually exhibited in galleries around the world but recently they have started exhibiting together and started "Don't Copy That Floppy" in 2017 as a publisher of risograph zines. 


Elwin Cotman (Lakewood, CO)

Elwin Cotman was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of two collections of fantasy fiction, The Jack Daniels Sessions EP and Hard Times Blues. He was member of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers Cooperative in Pittsburgh, where he curated many readings. As a performance artist and touring writer, Elwin has read across North America and Europe.


evey in orbit (Nashville, TN)

Evey in orbit is Veronica, an artist, activist, and zinester. She writes and arts for her own projects as well as edits a collaborative feminist zine. Based in Nashville. 


Feral Editions (Lexington, KY)

Feral Editions is a fine art collaborative press that works on independent and guest artist led projects. Feral is comprised of artists Alán Serna and Madison Cowles Serna.


GIRLS & Thieves (Johnson City, TN)

Suzie Kelly is a yankee transplant residing in Johnson City, TN. She is an Artist, a Pixel Pusher, and the creator of Girls & Thieves. Issues of her per-art-zines are packed with original artwork, comics, stories and photographs. She is the also the founder of Johnson City Zine Fest.


Junk Drawer - Eric Bartholomew (Chicago, IL)

Eric Bartholomew grew up going to garage sales, finding stuff in alleys, and collecting odds and ends of various sorts. He shares his finds through various projects, including a zine called Junk Drawer.


Katie Armentrout (Burbank, IL)

Katie Armentrout is a lifelong cartoonist who lives and works in the southern outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. If you're a fan of body positivity, low brow art, and John Waters, you just might get a kick outta her. "Celebrate the People" is Katie's comic series that she hopes will delight, thrill, and celebrate you, the people. 


Kith and Kin Press (Cincinnati, OH)

Kith and Kin says literacy is our way to understanding and that includes our emotional literacy, political literacy, technological literacy and the ability to comprehend any other legible thing.


Lana Dean Highfill (Jeffersonville, IN)

Lana Dean Highfill holds an MFA from Pacific University. Her interests include live music, comic books, sci-fi, and marine biology. She has had poems published by Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, Slipstream Press, Blue Horse Press, and others. She is currently working on a number of collaborative art projects on the octopus. 


Laserlope Illustration (Richmond, KY)

Lindsay is a printmaker and loves zines. Between comics, prints, and zines you'll find her (and sometimes her friend, Meg) always pumped for KFZ.


Lizz Hamilton (Lexington, KY)

Lizz Hamilton was born in San Pedro, CA. She is a fine art MFA student at

University of Kentucky.


Low Key Label (Louisville, KY)

Cam del Rosario is a Louisville based cartoonist. Javier Suarez is a Chicago based illustrator. They run Low Key Label together.


Macartney Greer (Cincinnati, OH)

Macartney Greer is currently a 3rd year Fine Arts major at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Her work in comics stemmed from needing an outlet to journal and document her life as a young adult. 


Malinda Jane O'Quinn (Lexington, KY)

Malinda Jane O'Quinn is an illustrator, photographer, and printmaker. She lives in Lexington with her silly husband and 6 magical cats.


Marz Corbeau (Lexington, KY)

Marz Corbeau writes mothqueer and other zines about sex, death, and empathy. 


Megatexas Ltd. (Lexington, KY)

Geoff Sebesta leads a life that is difficult to describe. He draws comics and travels a lot.


Monster House Press (Bloomington, IN)

Nonprofit publisher & circuit of literature, art, & thought. We exist in print & online, as well as in the corporeal world via the organization of readings, events, & tours. We publish work that fuses, deconstructs, grafts, (re)imagines, connects, & disentangles the myths, customs, language, narratives, ideologies, apparatuses, & presuppositions of the contemporary milieu & moment. 


Same Coin Press (East Fairfield, IL)

Nathan Pierce of Same Coin Press makes photobooks and zines.


Nicolette Lim (Lexington, KY)

Nicolette is originally from Malaysia and is currently an art studio student at UKY. Her work focuses on emotional honesty combined with aesthetic beauty.  


Nola Lee Art (Bellevue, KY)

Nola Lee is an artist based in northern Kentucky. Her work is self reflective, imaginative and influenced by her green thumb. By day she is a professional plant person but by night Nola can be found creating zines and comics under a mound of cozy blankets.


madeline marchal (Louisville, KY)

steal back your life has a heart rooted in anarchist ethics and practicalities. this project stands to bridge the gap between thought and action, the old and new world, and the poems that make plants grow.


Pioneers Press (Lansing, KS)

Pioneers Press is a publisher and small press distro. We focus on DIY, self-care, sustainability, and literary works. We're based on the Hard 50 Rescue Farm in rural north east Kansas.


Porkbelly Press (Cincinnati, OH)

Porkbelly Press is a queer-friendly, feminist micro press. We encourage works from poets & writers all along the identity spectrum. Our chapbooks & zines are printed in small, open, and limited edition. All of our titles are bound by hand. 


Rabbit Catastrophe Press (Lexington, KY)

Robin Rahija and Greg Lamer are originally from Kansas City. They moved to Lexington in 2010 and started Rabbit Catastrophe Press, which publishes handmade books and ephemera. 


RE:alignment & the Queer Project (Lancaster, KY)

The Queer Project is a student led organization at the University of Kentucky and to commemorate their one year anniversary, the students of this group created a zine. One of the co-founders of the group, Rory Barron, also runs another zine publication titled RE:alignment with fellow writer Joie Filippini. 


Renmeleon (Berea, KY)

Renmeleon lives in Berea with husband/author, Val Michael Selvaggio, and her homeschooled daughter, RockPaperFox, who is also a zine maker. Ren has five children's books coming out this year, one illustrated by her daughter, as well as "Stalemate" which is being released both as a script and a novel. 


Robert Kelsey Illustration (Chicago, IL) 

Robert Kelsey is a zine nomad, wandering through the midwest from fest to fest, selling comics about famous authors and giant monsters, prints featuring giant monsters, and other assorted ephemera (usually also giant monster themed). 


Ryan Burns (Chicago, IL)

Ryan Burns is a painter, zinester, and curator, as well as a housekeeper. RUN Comics is a compilation of zines made from 2013 - 2017. It is autobio-ish, punk looking journal stuff.


Sidewalk Stories (Lexington, KY)

The Busybees, a community group of the Open Forum Youth Initiative, pioneered their work in the fall 2014 through a series of science and art investigations.  They found inspiration in their neighborhood and began exploring ideas of "home" by photographing and interviewing neighbors. Now, they like to use art to combine these stories into zines!


Taggy G (Berry, KY)

Taggy has been making zines for over 2 years and will continue for over 200.


The Backlog (Lexington, KY)

Bronson is fiction writer who loves video game culture and education. He lives in Lexington with his amazing wife and 6 awesome cats.


The Iron Post (Lexington, KY)

Ben Southworth started the Iron Post as a blog in 2012 with his friend, Adam. The blog now features weekly writing on new Kentucky music; the quarterly "Iron Post" zine was first released in November 2016, and includes more diverse content from multiple contributors!


Thomas H Boeing (Cincinnati, OH)

Thomas H Boeing is a self-published comics creator born and raised in Cincinnati. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago where he was inspired by the city and the stories it allowed him to experience.


William Pauley III (Lexington, KY)

William Pauley III writes bizarre science fiction and horror. He is the author of Automated Daydreaming, Hearers of the Constant Hum, and The Bedlam Bible.


Worser Beings (Atlanta, GA)

WorserBeings is a collective of elusive mutants who leave passive aggressive notes for each other. They are hellbent on squeezing laughs out of you. They're on their way to your city, they're studying maps of your town, they're about to knock on your door, they're sitting next to you now...

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