The goal of Kentucky Fried Zine Fest is to recognize and educate the public about zines, comics, and independent publishing. 

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Want to get involved with KFZ? We are currently accepting volunteers + sponsors. Leave us a message below and we'll get right back to you.


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Become a Kentucky Fried Zine Fest Volunteer Organizer!

October 8, 2015



We are looking for new Kentucky Fried Zine Fest Organizers! An organizer is anyone who loves zines and zine culture and wants to support the zine community in central Kentucky. Our current group of dedicated KFZ volunteer organizers meet once monthly. The group works on special zine projects like zine art shows, fundraiser events, zine making workshops, social media updates and soon pop up shops throughout the year. Also, there is continual work to make the Kentucky Fried Zine Fest annual festival great. The typical KFZ volunteer organizer commits monthly about 5-10 hours total to helping with projects and the fest. It is also just a ton of fun for everyone involved! If you think you might be interested please email KFZines@gmail.com. We are having our next meeting on November 3rd and anyone who might be interested in helping out in anyway is encouraged to come check us out.  



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